Using SVG drawings to create a model.

I cannot figure out how to use my imported SVG drawings to create a model.

I have Bmesh installed and I need to know if that can be used in conjunction with SVG drawings.

If it can’t be done this way please let me know. I am ready to give up at this point.

I am new to Blender. I have some experience with Carrara but stopped using it because I discovered that it’s modeling capabilities would never work for the models I wanted to build as well as it’s terrible UV mapping issues.

I am not at all good at following the videos I have found on the internet and have not made much inroads with Blender.

Does anybody have a set of “step by step” instructions to create an object with Blender and SVG?

Thanks in Advance

Since you have already placed curves, select and join them Ctrl-j. Then convert to mesh and make sure they have equal vertices count. Subdivide, dissolve (Select every N-th is useful) to get there. Select 2 loops and from w menu Bridge them. And so on…
Hope helps.

Yeehaaa! The “W” key.
Thanks so much I was losing my mind.
It is very tedious but it works.

Any idea why some of the mesh is deformed?

Looks like flipped normals, in Edit Mode select everything (A) and hit Ctrl+N.