Using taper/screw/spin to create hair meshes?

I was wondering if someone could point me out to some info on spin/taper/screw funtions? I want to create a hair mesh for an in-game character I’m working on so I can’t use particles. Anyway, I wanted to create a complex ponytail for it. I figured the best way would be to use dupliverts and taper it some way?

I could also use this to twist wires or create ropes and beaded necklaces later on.

Check out the tutorial list sticky in blender general, I think there are some links to some tuts on that subject there. :slight_smile:

That’s quite a mess to look through. It would help if I at least knew where the taper function was in 2.40 and how to get to it?

Also, would anyone be able to recommend a way to create braided hair?

dont know…but maybe you can try to use a path or something for the mesh to follow, then you make the path in the shape of the ponytail??