Using Text objects and what to know when doing so?

I remade my game system to use Text objects instead of bitmap fonts. They work fine but I realised they look nicer when the scale is set near 1.0 (in font settings). This made me to have the ui and menu scenes quite huge.

Also scaling Text object with python (scaling) sometimes even crashed my Blender. So does it mean I have to have seperate Text object for each type of text?

And as last issue. Text object seems to ignore all Z-transparencies? If I have an object in front of a Text object, text will always show through.

EDIT: On windows mashine this doesn’t happen. Only on my Linux machine at home the Text is always on top of everything. weird.

What else should I know about Text objects :slight_smile: Is there a viable method to change the size with python?

text.resolution = x

I use 3 but you might want something higher. I wouldn’t go above like 8 though. Took me FOREVER to find this. Which is weird because it’s very simple.