using the code as graphic element

I’ve got a, perhaps strange, question, but I’m about to start a new work, where actual code, source code from software will be used. I am looking for code, and since Blender is open source, I ofcourse thought of using the code itself as source for artwork.

Perhaps it’s a stupid question, but is this actually allowed? I mean, open source is all about sharing code, but it’s also all about using the code to modify the software. I’d use the code itself as a graphical element.

The only legal concern with using the source code of an open source program as part of your artwork is if you intend to sell that artwork. The source is free to use as part of ANYTHING other than a for profit item (e.g. I could take parts of blenders code to start developing certain aspects in my 3d app, as long as I didn’t plan on selling that app, and as long as there wasn’t specific stipulation against it). Depending on the license involved there may be some other type of stipulation…but usually there isn’t, usually open source = open for use.

You can sell GPL-ed programs for profit just fine.

HouseArrest, there’s something I don’t understand. If I’d follow your line of thinking, a programmer wouldn’t be allowed to sell a dvd in which open source code is used as example material, shown like for example as screenrecordings? I almost can’t believe it.

If I’d be using the code as it is, in a drawing, and sell the drawing, I wouldn’t be selling the program, but the drawing.

Hmm, maybe my question wasn’t so stupid at all, oogsnoepje seems to have a different opinion too… lol