Using the Explosion mod (basic)

How to use Explosion
#1 Use the cube Subdivide 3 times

#2 Click the partical tab press Add new

#3 Use the defualt settings

#4 Look at the tabs (partical system is
the first bake is second, the third is Physics)
in physics set Normal to 3.5

#5 Noe move to the next tab Visualisation
at the bottom of this tab is a few buttons
one of them is Emitter (it alows the mesh
to show during rendering)

#6 Optional (particals will show unless you click materials
and set halo on then change shaders halo size to zero)

#7 now make sure you do this last if you do it
first it will crash, click f9 or just use the editing tab
add multiplyer ,Expolde

the end
you can see the other cube i followed the steps for

(to make difrent effects play with physics tab in
the partical system)

Hope this helps someone
Free to use or share.
Kevin Galla


Explodetutorial.blend (160 KB)