Using the Fracture tool on a sink

Hi all,

I have a sink which I should break into about ten parts and spread them on the floor. I get the tool to work on the default cube, but this sink I am attaching causes it to hang. Is it because it already has more vertices than the default cube?

If the fracture tool is not able to handle this, is there another nice way to get it done neatly?

Thankee muchly!


sink.blend (627 KB)

Your mesh is non-manifold, i.e. it’s not watertight. Bridge the 2 edge loops around the hole in the bottom. Applying the scale in Object Mode [CTRL A] is not a bad idea either. :wink:

After that, the Cell Fracture add-on will work like a charm…

Many thanks indeed! It was also the first time I hear the word non-manifold. I chanced to try the scale thing too but to no avail.

… now just to figger out how to save the distributed pieces on the floor so I can append them to the scene I am building… rolls eyes like a puppy

Rigid Body Tools on T-panel: select fractured sink Group - Add Active, floor - Add Passive. Press Alt -a: pause, render… Works?

Very much so. Thank you too! I wasn’t aware of that rigid body toolchest.