using the game engine for high poly animations

is there a way of using the the game engine physics to create an animation for a high poly animation.

eg when making SWAT they used MS flight sim, landed in realtime, recorded the landing(the leer jet on the bridge seq.) in Flight simulator and imported the data into whatever 3d pkg they used, and rendered to what you see now

i was wondering cause it could be useful for cars, boxes, planes, and spaceships where it would be sort of a pain to make look right, instead load up the game hit rec. and drive in realtime


of course it is

dunno if the current version it is still posible, but the script you want it called game to ipo

however, I can’t seem to find it in a search right now

Look here.

there is a more recent version, updated for 2.32. Search in the py and plugins forum for ‘game2ipo’, ‘not game to ipo’. :wink:

Oh yeah! Searching now…

Ok, found the file.

Thanks! :slight_smile: