Using the Game Engine for physics help please

Hey everyone once again im asking for some help im making a short animation for my school to get Blender into the Curriculum at our highschool me and my teacher have been working on Blender for almost a year now and have done some pretty amazing test’s but have never completed a final animaion so I was givin the task over the summer to come up with something amazing so I chose to do some domino’s falling to make out school logo NTV im going to have 3 rows of domino’s to make the final wording. Now here’s were I need help for some reason I can’t get the Game Engine to work properly I turn on Actor,Dynamic,Rigid Body but am not sure what to do after that bc all the options I tried seem to always make the domino fly upward or if I change the radius to .01 it just goes to about a few feet above the ground and stays there but it won’t stay on the ground anyhelp? Also when I put the domino’s beside each other they just fly away


Here are a few links you may or may not have already seen. I believe the first link has a blend file example of dominos falling.

Best of Luck!

Thanks alot those have helped I have the NTV done but for some reason everytime I fix something or add something new theres always problem in the part’s that worked fine before any suggestions?


Can you post a blend file for me to look at?

It’s working now just some hight problems was all it was but everything is working like it should thanks for the help

OK, Glad to be of some help.

Haha one more quick question my blender seems to be crashing all the time when im trying to record to IPO’s the memory is only at 411 megs normally when it crashes it also crashes if I leave it on for a number of hours not sure why Im useing Vista 32 bit anyhelp ?


No idea about the crashing. I have not used the game engine physics all that often, so I don’t have a feel for performance. I am using Ubuntu with 2gb ram.

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Does anyone ealse know why its crashing it does it not using the physics as well if im away from my computer for the day but I leave Blender open it crash’s for no reason im not sure

Well I think I found the cause of the crashing it just because its creating to many frames or something its fixed now though but im having one more problem all post the Blend basically I created the Letters and everything is working fine but when I record the game IPO’s it only records the starting domino and the ball that hits it because everything is duplicated off of those can someone help with this I don’t want to have to make the whole thing over again thanks


NTV Redo rev1.blend (946 KB)

Anyone please it just doesn’t seem right ?

Select all of the dominoes and then press U and 5. This will change the IPO data-block from one shared block to many (150+ in your blend) single-user data-blocks.

Thanks alot all remember that it worked fine

I just made a video tutorial showing how to use the game engine (bullet physics) to do animation. This lesson is about one specific application but I do mention how it can be expanded and adapted. It runs about an hour

I don’t know how to post a video here, but it’s the most recent thing on my blog. (look down)

I have all the blend files available right with it.

I hope it will be useful. If you DO take a look at it I would sure like to get comments about it. But please put them on the blog and not here, this is for OBI_ron’s thread.

PS-The “full screen” button does not work on this one video. Don’t try it. If you want to see it full sized, just grab the zip and watch it from your hard drive. Although you can see it well enough even squished on the blog if you wish.