Using the Game Physics in Blender to create BVH in Poser7

Forgive me if this is not in the correct area, and my Blender ignorance, I pretty much have only used it as a modeller, and have not delved deeper into the functionability of Blender.

Ok so I just found the wonderful Poser Tools 2 for blender. I am using the 2.6 version of Blender, and am wondering about using the Poser tools to import Daz3d’s Victoria 4 to blender, and using it in the physics game mode to create keyframe bvh files for use with Poser.

Now I am not ashamed to say I am completely Blender illiterate, thus far pretty much using it to model clothing for Poser Dynamics, and have delved very lightly in the other arcane realms of Blender. I have tried using a few of the tutorial settings to get the physics engine to say drop v4 from a height, but with no success.

So here are my questions…

1.) How to snap a rig to the mesh?

“I noticed this when I imported v4 into blender using the poser tools 2. Still looking for a tut to do that, just figured I would ask since I seem to not be able to google up the exact tut I need to do this with.”

2.) Any tutorials done already getting V4 to use the physics system in Blender? Such as the setup of the figure?

"I am trying to use Blender as a form of Endorphin so I can export out to Poser in a bvh format for animations. "

I am aware of the Poser Physics, which would allow somewhat a same effect, but would like to learn how to do this in Blender, since I want to learn the program a little better.

3.) Also is there a pin bone to a prop selection in blender? Example, to pin v4’s hand to say static prop one to make a dangling hanging on with one hand from a high rise dramatic motion.

4.) When you export the bvh file will poser be able to read it exactly as saved from Blender? I have read some things in forums about other programs exporting it out and Poser not being able to read the bvh file as it was made in the other program, just curious to see if this is the same with these two programs.

I thank you all in advance for your help and time in this

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The BGE does not support this kind of Physics.
The BGE plays animation data previously created with Blender.
The BGE does not output .bvh data.

Better ask at the Blender forums. Check for cloth simulation.

I might have misspoken the context of what I am trying to do here. In a nutshell this is my goal…

I can load V4’s cr2 file via the poser tools import, which gives me the armature of V4 in Blender along with the obj mesh.
I figured out the snap armature to obj, with help from another blender user, but who was unfamilliar with use of the game engine physics.

So now I am trying to get V4 to use the blender physics engine, for falls, soft body impacts, ect. I used the tutorials found in youtube to set up the model, but it did not fullfill any movement from a drop test.

Now my question is if I snap V4’s rig (armature) to v4’s obj mesh, and apply the soft body physics to the area of impacts, will it when moves from collisions with other objs collect the data into the armature for export to .bvh (Motion Capture)?

Is this possinle at all? To make the v4 obj a ragdoll, and to snap the armature to the mesh, to collect the impact as a bvh?

As I wrote the BGE can’t create .bvh or any other format.

You can indeed try to adapt the rig to a ragdoll (please search for ragdoll).
A) You can record the BGE output to Blender animation curves which could be used for .bvh export.
B) You can write your own .bvh recorder with Python.

Do not expect too much. BGE softbodies are not really applicable for human bodies. As far as I know .bvh does not support soft deformation. But this is just a guess.