Using the Grease Pencil on an object surface


I am trying to use cell fracture in order to break a vase, and I would like to create small shards where the hammer hits the vase surface. For such, I am trying to use the Grease Pencil in order to draw on the surface, in order to guide the Cell Fracture add-on.

Alas, in version 2.74 the Grease Pencil controls seem to have been changed, and I can’t for the life of me find out how to draw on the vase’s surface.

I draw like this:

But as soon as I turn the vase around I see that it has drawn in front of it, and not on the surface:

In version 2.74 the Grease Pencil controls seem to be very different, there being no “Surface” option, as described in the reference manual.

Can somebody help me draw on this vase’s surface?



N-panel / Grease Pencil settings: Create New Layer
T-panel / Grease Pencil settings: Change Stroke Placement to ‘Surface’

If you start drawing the first time (D + LMB) in the scene, it automatically creates a GP_Layer, and by default the Stroke Placement is set to Cursor.
To change it before drawing, you have to create a layer an switch to Surface manually…

Thank you so much, motimo! It works perfectly.

Is this something you had to look around in order to find out, or is there documentation available where one could learn how to do it?

Anyway, have a great weekend!

I’m occasionally watching some video about the newest features in new blender releases.

So for example, plasmasolution’s youtube give you a good overview…

Once again, thank you so much! Plasmasolutions YouTube Channel is a great resource!

Have a great weekend!