Using the keyboard to size

So I finally found a tutorial specific to my use for Blender: Modeling for Morrowind. Unfortunately for me, it assumes I already know some basic technical stuff. I’ve been searching Google, YouTube, and various forums to find a very simple answer. All I want to do is choose a size for my cube using the keyboard. This way I can make it the exact dimensions I want (i.e. 3x3x0.25). My difficulty was in making the 0.25 dimension. The grid can only be changed by intervals of .10. So I couldn’t change it to a .25 interval and use CTRL-dragging of verticies to make it 0.25.

Any help would be appreciated.


Just type the number that you want after you have entered a transform mode (G, R, S).

Thanks egan, I appreciate the help. unfortunately, that’s not quite what I meant. Let me get specific. I’ll give my situation. I have the default cube. I want to make it into a cube with the dimensions 3 by 3 by 0.25. How would I go about this? What keys would I press or verticies would I select to manipulate my cube this way?

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Some simple math would suffice! :smiley:
By default, the cube is 2 x 2 x 2. You want it to be 3 by 3 by 0.25. You can scale on all axes except Z by 1.5 (S>Shift Z>1.5). Then you would scale the Z-axis by 0.125 (S>Z>0.125). Tada, you’re done!

In Object mode press N which will show the transform properties window. Type in the dimensions you want in DimX, DimY, and DimZ.