Using the Kinect for facial mocap

Hi all

I have been using blender to create a realistic face model for a series of facial mocaps. It’s been quite difficult to get realistic movement. I read you can use the Kinect for facial mocaps. Does anyone know how this works? Does the connect automatically record the motion for you to apply to a face model? Does it work with blender?
Any info is appreciated!


all the kinect mocap displays i have seen are in house studios where the studios programmin gurus have written the software, and are just showing off. i am not aware of any current open source integration software (not saying its not there, i just havnt looked for it! at this time) though saying that, i do recall seeing some adverts on this site refering to kinect so i guess there are some commercial applications availabe.

you could always try to persuade on of our own progamming gurus to take a look at it :smiley: