using the node editor for textures

Hi, I am now using Blender 2.69, and I am trying to grasp the node editor using Blender’s Internal Render. I was able to create a material in the node editor, but I am having troubles with the texture node editing. First, when I switch to object texture mode, the header in the node editor does not include a checkbox for “use node”, and all the options in the add menu are greyed out. However, if I create a new texture the old way, by going into the texture panel and add a new texture and switch the type to image, sometimes the node editor will then allow me to click on “use node,” and other times it is not there. Also, when I do get the option to click on “use nodes,” I loose all of my texture data that I created as an image type, and the node editor switches the texture to a default checkerboard. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

um, not to be rude, butafter reading the posted link, it seems to me that your i
ssue had never been resolved except to keep swaping between render modes and create a new material. So what is the point in that? How does that really relate to solving my pr You have even mentioned that this doesn’t seem right in your originl question.

So after trying the same thing in version 2.64, i think i have fugursd out what the problem is. In the older release, if there no texture added to at least the first textexture slot, in the texture node editor you had the option to create a new texture by simply clicking on the new button or add an existiing one from ths dropdown menu list. However, in the newest version of Blender, there is new button nor can you click on a drop-down list. All you see are the menu options view, select add ect. and 3 icons to choose between material mode compositor mode, and texture mode, but nothing that allows you to click on new texture. Therefore, I think this is a bug and maybe the moderator could move this thread for me to its appropriate place.