Using the nodes system to pre-process

Hey guys, so I have blue screen footage that was shot on mini dv. The problem is, when I try to pull a key in adobe after effects the matte has jagged edges. So I wanted to fix this problem by blurring some of the channels to get a cleaner composite. So, I followed this tutorial- In Blender I created a separate YCbCr node and attached that to a image node but it didn’t separate the footage into different channels. Can someone please explain how to do this to me?


I haven’t messed with that stuff too much in Blender but you might like this link:

Click on the tutorials section. The guy has a dvd out for keying difficult shots with Blender also.

Did you separate fields in AE?

By separate fields do you mean viewing different channels for the footage? Such as the RGB channels?
By the way, I have seen that site and I don’t really need to know how to pull in key in blender, since I can do that in AE, I just wanted to know how to prepare the footage for keying.


No. Fields are basically scan lines that separate images for viewing on televisions and all video cameras capture video in fields or “Interlacing”. Just type “separate fields” into AE’s help search. Separating fields is very important when working with video if you have plans to make any real changes to the video.