using the pygame mixer module??

I’m going to make it short… how do I use the pygame mixer module in a blender game? Do I need a full pygame installation, or just a couple of files?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Depends on what you want to play. ST150’s pygame package (the “blending-online” link above) works with .mp3 and .ogg, but I don’t know what all else. I know it won’t play .mod files. If it won’t play what you’re trying to play, you’ll need both a full Python install and a full Pygame install. I’d like to update the package or see it updated soon. I really want to distribute games that use .mod files without requiring Python/Pygame install.

Also, for the mixer to work on your .blend, you must open the .blend directly as opposed to loading it from File >> Load in Blender.

and .mp3’s dont work in the newest version of pygame from licencing things

you just need the to past this folder where you have create your stand alone
C:\Program Files\Python2.4\Lib\site-packages\pygame
this folder pygame

Thanks, I will download the pygame package one of these days and give it a try…