Using The Sapling Tree Generator

Hello all,

Been requested quite a few times, but wanted to wait till 2.70 was out so the new UI didn’t throw anyone, but now that’s all sorted it’s time for my latest video.

The Sapling addon has been around for ages, but only recently did I actually start using it and realise how easy it is to make great looking trees with it. Even with basic materials(the thumbnail you can see only has single colour diffuse materials with no textures) you can get pretty awesome looking scenes.

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

Very good. Thanks.

Nice, but aside from “Sapling”, I recommend also “Arbaro”, It’s a standalone piece of software only for making trees, There’s a lot of settings to change, and can be automatically unwrap the leaves and the trunk for you after exporting it as OBJ format.

True theetx, Arbaro(and ngTree) are both good bits of software, I just like the ability to get the live updates in the viewport as you do it, and being able to use the random seed quickly and easily to construct simple forests is quite a benefit. Thanks for reminding me though, I rather neglected to mention them in the video :slight_smile:

And thank you very much riveter :slight_smile: