Using The Track To Constraint My Camera Flips????

Hi all,

I’m “trying” to use the Track To Constraint so the camera follows an object in my animation but then stops and points elsewhere half way through, I have selected my camera, added the Track To Constraint in the Objects panel and then typed the name of the object i want it to follow in the Target OB box, in my case Plane, i would then try to set key frames for the Influence but the only thing my camera then flips and faces away and i cant rotate it???

Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is the last thing and my project is done!!!


What direction is the camera facing without the constraint? When the influence is set to 0, the camera should go back to the way it was without the constraint.

As soon as i add the Track To Constraint the camera flips down and away before i even touched the influence slider. Before the constraint the camera is facing the floor of a building as it circles it from a distance, i want the constraint to go away as the camera nears the building and enters inside. Do i have to do a Ctrl-T to add the Track To Constraint or do i just add it in the constraints panel?

You don’t have to press Ctrl T, the only difference between the hotkey and adding the constraint manually is the default buttons that are pushed. When you use Ctrl T, the “To” is set to -Z and the “Up” is set to Y, which is what you want when using a track-to constraint on a camera.

Try just setting the To and Up to -Z and Y

AWESOME, thanks you so much Asano, i got it sorted.


Another tip on keyframing the Constraint Influence – it can go to & from zero gradually by using a sloped or curved IPO, so an abrupt breakaway from the Target object isn’t the only option.