Using UV texture coordinates for a material texture

Does the UV button in the material map input window actually work?

I need to align a height map to UV coordinates but I cant get it to work. The UV button does not seem to be any different from Orco.

Ive tried using the “save texture and coordinates” from the UV window of the editing menu but that seems to replacce my mapping with a strange single face mapping.

On a slight segway the mapping that is manifested with the noise function seems completly different at times than the mapping displayed in shading mode. Any ideas what I am missing?

After you’re done mapping in the UV-window, you need to assign an image texture to the material of your object. You shouldn’t need to browse your harddisk for the image, instead you should be able to select by using the dropdown, because the image is already in memory since you’ve used it in the UV-editor. Then, select UV as texture coordinates and it should work.

Note that this form of texturing is only visible in the render-stage, not in the 3D-view.