Using UV textures as bumpmaps

I only recently bothered to learn how to use UV maps, but the only way i can find to see them in a render is using the tex face button. This affects the colour only though, and i’d like to be able to use them as bumpmaps. Is there an easy way to do this?

i didnt entirely understamn what u were saying but heres what u should follow:

  1. uvmap texture onto object
  2. add a material
  3. add an image texture and load in your uvmap image
  4. in the material buttons click on the UV map type in the middle column, now it will texture your object exactly as u have uvmapped it…
  5. now u can press NOR to add some bumpage to the texture =D

if u have a good drastic lighting setup too, it really does justice to bump maps


sorry about making the question hard to understand, but i did get my answer, so thanx. This opens up a whole lot more possibilities…