Using vertex painting to blend textures

I couldn’t find any threads on this subject, so I figured I’d post it here. If this has already been covered, I’ll delete this post.

I wanted to figure out a way to use vertex painting to blend textures on a model. The easiest way to do it seemed to be the material nodes. Here are some images:

Base texture:

Dirt texture:

vertex painted material (Set to shadeles and VCol Paint turned on):

Final render:

It’s a very simple use of the material nodes, basically I was looking for a way to quickly texture landscape meshes without having to use uv mapping. I used the vertex painted colors as a mask in the node editor to blend the two textures.

Here are the nodes:

Anyway, I’m a blender newbie, so any suggestions or different ways of accomplishing the same thing would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I just tested it out and it’s awesome, I love it. :smiley:

Sounds like a quick and easy way of blending materials together. I have done something like this before using the texture paint mode.

I just read about this in a lightwave tutorial, They seem to love using weight maps (vertex maps) in their textures for blends. I wonder if you can paint the alpha interactively? The examples I saw used it for weathering edges on boxes etc.

Do you just make another material exclusively for the Vertex colour matte?

The vertex paint method looks good to use unless you want to do small detail on a low poly mesh. How i’d do it is

1). Create your base material
2). UV map the object
3). Make a new image, paint it white in the UV editor, save it
4). Switch to texture paint mode
5). Paint black whatever areas you want another material overlayed on
6). Make a new material that has the black and white image as a stencil and have it reversed
7). Go to the node editor and pile the stencil material over the base.

oh yeah! I was looking for something like this, thanks heaps!


it is really cool and fast method. I have been testing it. Here is a test “BLendLand” image and the settings.

Do you thing that it would be possible to mix somehow more that two materials?



really great :slight_smile: since it will be possible use VertexPaint with multires (that is in progress now - thanks for that) it will be really fast tecnnique :slight_smile:
And use UV map is not also so complicatted, it will be more usefull for me (unwrap and paint in real time in texture paint mode -could be faster, but it works :smiley:

What exactly is the difference in using this technique and not the stencil option for texures (and for materials too, with nodes)?

i’m not so friendly with texturing, but this way was clear and fast for me. I tried to do it by classical way without nodes (how you said), but i’m not able to use UVmap as stencil and with VertexPaint i didn’t find possibilities how to do too. If somebody knows and it’s easier let mi know.

Could someone link a .blend file with this teq. plz :x? Cant seem to get it working.

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That feels good but I can´t get it work. Can you tell how did you do that( all details:) ) ?

The difference between these techquines should be that vertex colours don’t need mapping(not orco,not uv),it’s an easy way to blend material.
But the problem is that Blender can’t create an arbitrary amount of vertex colours data,only one(I think that someone is working on this)

would be interesting to use vert weights for this, then you could have as many sets of textures as you wanted.

im looking where to stick .blend, wait

simple example

Hi VKLIDU, Do you know how to make ring painter bigger or smaller when we painting vertex?..I didnt know what the shortcut was, I only zoom in or zoom out the object when i painting vertex

hm … i don’t know about any shortcut in VertexPaint mode. The only one possibilities to change size is in F9 panel (in button window). I’m relativly new in Blender, but for me wasn’t this mode much useable. But now it could be nicer to have floating panel like in UV editor and shortcut (maybe the same as in new SculptMode - “D” for brush resize )

Great! I was just wandering how to do that, and then this poped up! I got it to work in the blender internal renderer. but for some reason it doesn’t work in yafray??!!!##%@@%$
does anyone know why??