using video instead of background image??

I want to know if it is possible to have a video loaded as a background image in the 3d view. Of course I would also want to change the frame sometimes.

I dived into animating not long ago and this is something that would GREATLY increase the speed and quality of my animations.

Right now I make a screenshot of the keys and breakdowns and load them when making the corresponding pose, as a background image.

But this is REAALLY slow process and doesnt have any advantages.

Instead of selecting a background image, just select a movie file instead. In the background image settings select Auto Refresh so the movie changes fram as you change frame on the timeline.
Blender 2.49b - 3d view header View / Background Images / select movie file
Blender 2.54 - see this tutorial but just select a movie file

Woah, cool. Didnt expect it to be so easy!