Using virtual box to expand one's gpu capability in opengl rendering

Hello everyone,

I have been using blender for allot of time, and have evolved along with it… except with cycles.

I’ve been finding so satisfying in optimizing my work to be rendered by opengl. I can achieve quite good renders with a minimal rendering time.

But, I don’t swim in money, so my pc has a nice cpu (i7 8gb) but an really outdated gpu (nvidia 7900gt 256mb). It’s still good for gaming, its biggest limitation being the 256mb.

I’ve found that opengl render has two main limitations:

  • max output of 1920x1080;
  • when buffer shadows are plenty and or detailed, they don’t render.

Both I attribute the blame to the gpu (though i’m not certain), both for it being outdated and because it has only 256mb memory.

I’ve never used a virtual machine (not in windows nor in linux), but I got thinking that maybe I could use a virtual machine to emulate a computer with lots of gpu memory. Even if it ran slow, I would only need it to render, and since rendering takes less than 1 second, it would still take little time but be unlimited.

So my questions are:

  • Are my opengl renderings limited by my old gpu?
  • Can I overcome such limitations with a virtualbox with a bigger gpu (total ignorant here!)?
  • If not, what are your suggestions?

Thanks in advance!