Using walk cycles


So I have a walk cycle. It works wonderfully. Using the offset, the rig continues moving in one direction.

Now - how do I interrupt a walk cycle? Let us say I want the figure to walk 3 steps, stop, look around, and then continue walking?

If I duplicate an NLA strip, the walk cycle moves the figure back to its original position. The offset is reset. How can I animate it so that the walk retains the offset?

Thanks so much

Ah a question that I also have as well. Would be useful to know.

Hi senatorbard,

You mention that you are using the ‘offsbone’ correct? So you are repeating a walkcycle? Well, in the ‘transform properties’ window in the NLA editor where you set the ‘repeat’ and ‘offsbone’ at, right below the ‘offsbone’ you will notice two buttons. The ‘hold’ button will keep your character in it’s position at the end of the action strip that’s active when you click on the ‘hold’ button. Remember, that actions below other actions override the ones above it.

For example, lets say you have 4 actions, the walkcycle, a walk to stop action, an action where the character looks around, and a stop to walk action. The top action would be the walkcycle, so the character walks, then below that you would want the walk 2 stop action, so the character comes to a stand still with his feet together in a standing position. You would want to press the ‘hold’ button on that action. Then have the action of looking around below that, and you can have say 10 frames between those actions, so the charater walks, come to a stop, pauses, looks around. The the stop 2 walk action below that and it will override the ‘hold’ function, so the character starts to walk again…

Whew…think I typed more than I needed to…but hope it helps

Geez - that was an easy solution - Thanks! Now I know how to use the hold button properly.