Using wind against a fan or something similar.

if i had created a fan, and lets say it was by the window, and a breeze comes in, how exactly would i get the wind to make the fan rotate?

nobody knows how to do this?

there is not dynamic fluid simulation in the BGE, just find a way to fake it with animation

well, i am going to apply this to a wind turbine too and i need to see how it performs under certain air pressure, so faking with rotation won’t work

again you cant simulate fluids with the bge

You’d have to go in python and make your own aerodynamics system. Or maybe put one in the source code? It’d be a lotta work either way…

I have an idea. Make two integer properties on the fan, one for outside pressure, one for inside pressure. Whatever variables you’re using to change the pressures (heat, another fan, or, more complicated, the speed of a passing object) should send out a message to increase or decrease either the outside or inside property, depending on where it is. Then you go in Python, subtract the two integers, and set the resulting value as the rotation of the fan blade (probably move some decimals first). Huh? Huh? :eyebrowlift2: