Using "Y" to split a mesh, program error?

If you use “Y” to split a mesh, and then use a scale command on it, while you are in the proportional editing mode, it doesn’t seem to work correctly. It seemed as though it ignored the “Y” command entirely.

I’m not sure if this is a program error or if this is a self explanatory conflict due to my lack of experience with Blender; I was just following a tutorial which directed me to use the “Y” split thing, a few chapters after recommending the proportional editing mode. I just figured I should report it, in case it’s a bug.

There are two proportional editing modes: one affects all vertices in the object being edited, the other only effects vertices connected to the selected vertex.

so after splitting with ‘y’, you have vertices at exactly the same position, thus when you use then proportional editing mode, you will move the splitted off part with the selected areas. Thus when you move the mesh it seems to not have split it, but it has. It’s exactly how the proportional editing mode is supposed to work, you should disable it if you want to move the split off mesh only, or use the connected option of proportional editing, which only moves parts connected with your selection.

See360, thanks, I only knew that the mouse scroll wheel would expand, or contract, the circle that indicates the “affected areas”, and I couldn’t see that circle, nor see any changes beyond the immediately connected mesh, no matter how I rolled the wheel.

Thanks, Gexwing, you’ve straightened me out. I just haven’t learned to “think blender” yet, and proportional editing is completely new to me. I was under the misconception that by selecting faces, I’d only be affecting faces, not adjoining points. I hadn’t looked at the split from that perspective. You’re obviously right though, it’s pretty clear when you understand how it’s handling things.