Using Yafray with Blender (wiki)

While there has been some small bits of information floating about (thanks mostly to Eeshlo), there still lacks any useful documentation about using Yafray integration with Blender. The release notes discuss the issue only in the most basic and general terms, not in any useful detail.

It would be extremely useful to have a central pool of knowledge for Yafray use with Blender. For those who are generous enough to share their knowledge, please do so, either by posting what they know, or via links.

Here are some links I’ve found useful:
RayMir and IOR for reflections
Chrome material in Yafray
Yafray plug-in release notes
Reflections in Yafray

Jandro, the creator of Yafray, wrote this tutorial:
Getting started
Spanish version

The blend file of tutorial Jandro, here

enjoy! :smiley:

Still really awesome that the creator of Yafray works together with the bf-blender foundation. It’s a really awesome renderer. Btw nice tutorial to get myself started on yafray, I think I try it again, last time I just got 99% noised renders and 3 hours rendering for 1 ray effect. But I try again. :smiley: