Usinglight's sketchbook

I was seeing these pictures of Letters made from Paper on Behance (link in the end of this post) and was wondering if I could do something like this in Blender.

I would need to add some texture, but for me it was only the question if it is easy to recreate such a thing in Blender. It was very easy once I realized that the curves can be imported from Inkscape.

See the original by sabeena karnik here:

Trying to get the feeling right for a thread, but it does not work out somehow. The nails look ok to me…

Why cry over spilt milk? This is what it looks like…

Very cool stuff! :smiley:

Now that’s cool!

Playing with shader and practicing with subsurf…


Great stuff, am interested in knowing how you made the milk with words like that! if you can show/explain I would appreciate it!

The hardest part was finding a font which was readable when being a liquid - seriously. Write what you want to spill, make it a 3D-Object. Move the camera above it and drop the liquid on a plane. If you use milk, make sure you use enough subsurf scattering (mine is a little bit not enough. HDR-lighting helps a lot as far as I remember.

Is this explanation enough or do you need more detail? Otherwise I would have to recreate it.

I just discovered a super simple effect. Thank you inventor of the toon shader…

wow, nice sketchbook, i like in particular the paper replication letter, very well done! and i like the many ideas i see here, great!