USMT-MP1A - Aegis 2375 Updated 15/12

Modeled this weekend in 20 ish hrs with Blender 2.37a. Rendered via 3DSMax with Maxwell render for 2hrs.

Click the thumbnail to view larger image, then resize that for full res. (900x925)

Tiny ammount of sharpening and noise reduction in this image.

And one without.

I still have a few small details to add.

—> EDIT new renders added lower down the thread. EDIT<—

C&C please.



i see too much the use of subdivsurfaces.
the edges character does not look smooth nore industrial design like.

i would throw in some more defined edge contours.

that would finish up the realism you should get for this product.

otherwise great work.


i love it!!

although, as a machine pistol, you wouldnt get many shots off before your clip would be empty :wink:

True mate, the concept sketch says the clip should hold 30 rounds, but with the current calibre of bullet, they won’t all fit in.

Eric, (the concept artist) has suggested a longer magazine clip, but I think this might ruin the overall look. I’ll try a modificated one today.

cekuknen, lots of subD as that’s in the design. Check the concept sketch below and see what you think.

Thanks for the comments, :smiley:


Model looks good to me, but my eye isn’t as trained as others here so I could be missing little details.

I like the shape of the gun as a semi-automatic, but as a machine pistol it’s just not a good design. It’s too small and the barrel too short. There’s no foregrip (look up images of Beretta 93r) or any other way to control it either. Also, as mentioned, the clip is too small. Basically what I’m saying is it would be worthless as a machine pistol. I feel bad telling you this but it’s true.

Very true mate, so don’t feel bad about telling me anything. :smiley: I really appreciate any feedback given.

I’m just the modeler though, but what feedback I get, I forward on to the concept artist. :smiley: Maybe it will be re-branded as an automatic.



Another note, with bullets of that caliber (not sure exactly what it is, but they look pretty big, maybe .45 cal) even if it was bigger it might be uncontrollable.

edit: Also, the magazine (clip) release button in the concept sketch is in a bad place. A right-handed user would have to release his or her grip on the… grip in order to drop the magazine. The release is usually in a place where it can be pressed with the index or middle finger without moving the firing hand at all.

edit 2: Well, that might work if the shooter pressed it with the side of his or her index finger. :expressionless:

edit 3: Is the low ammo LED on both sides? If not, it would be worthless to a right handed shooter. I wouldn’t put that on the side a gun anyway, because an enemy might notice the little glow and know you’re running low on ammo. It would make more sense on the back of the slide. Regardless of where it is, it should have an off switch for night use.

Cheers mate.

Mag clip release button is on both sides, as is the low ammo LED. The LED is recessed, but perhaps not enough on the model, so it shouldn’t be seen from the other end of the barrel. Thinking about it though, the glow would be seen on the fingers of the operator.

It’s be a week before Eric can do any more alterations to the design, but I’ll update the model when that happens.

I’ve passed on your comments to him.

Thanks again, much appreciated.


Just some stuff I’ve noticed.

  1. there’s no ejection port, unless it’s on the left side and radically far down. Gotta make somewhere for the cases to go( I’m assuming you’re using cased ammo by the look of the bullets).

  2. Either the gun is tiny or the calibur is large. Either way, there’s no way you could control the gun after the first shot. The bullets provided look like hollow-point .50 cals. Those would rip your own arm off and beat you with it. It also makes having a 30 round clip difficult if not impossible. Even an offset stacked clip of 9mm bullets extends far past the handle of a glock.

  3. While the stylized fins on the back look cool, I think they might make cocking the thing difficult. It’s not good to have your fingers sliding off of the grip area in the middle of a firefight.

The best bet would be to tell your concept artist to look at the auto-modded glock. It’s a similar size to your pistol, and similar concept too. Other things to think about: are you going to have the slide lock back after the last bullet? If so, you’ll need a slide release. Also, having such a large sight on the back might be useless. Unless it was locked in place somehow, the back-and-forth repetition of the slide would collapse it quick.

I hadn’t thought about the magazine release being on both sides; it would require more complicated parts but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

Even if the glow is not visible from the end of the barrel, it could at night cast a glow on a nearby wall (or the user’s face if moved to the rear), and there’s always the possibility that an enemy sees the gun from the side. And having it recessed on the side would be a nuisance for the user, as he or she would have to turn the gun in order to examine the LED.

Hyouryu, I’ve made the changes as you’ve suggested.

thelonesoldier, agreed. It would perhaps be better without it, or with a different form of display.

A small update from me on the machine pistol. (Click thumbnail to view, then resize image for full res (800x800)

Changed calibre to 7mm. Clip now holds 24 rounds, 25 in total if one round is loaded.

Added casing ejection port on the side.

Will work on a leg holster today and anything else if neccesary. :smiley:



very very nice. super tight modelling, i love it.

//just noticed the hollow point. you horrible bastard :smiley:

Great work the rim of the hollow point looks to large.

Traitor, u called him horrible for using hollow point, i thought that because they explode on contact they are less likely to cause fatalties and harm innocent bystanders, so he is doing it for the good of the people. hehe

Good work. It’s still alot of “form” for a gun, but at least it’s plausible. It’d make an interesting sidearm.

Still not quite sure if the clip is big enough to hold a bunch of 7mm. The military clip for the FN Five-seveN is 20 5.7mm sidestacked, but it is a smallish gun. 5.7mm rounds also have a large case, giving the Five-seveN
an interesting curve through the handle.

Depending on the hollow point, they usually don’t explode, but expand. This causes the bullet to stay within the target, but it increases the wound exponentially. Hollow point bullets are not “nice bullets.” They kill far easier, cause you don’t have to purposely shoot for a vital organ: it’ll find one on its own. They also make ballistic forensics nearly impossible.

Besides, what cop/law enforcement would ever use a machine pistol in an area filled with bystanders? That’s just asking for stray bullets.

I still can’t imagine using it as a machine pistol, but the ammunition caliber seems much more suitable.

edit: The rear sight appears to serve no purpose. There’s no notch or groove or anything to align with the front sight.

Heh, mei est evilus. Hollow tips for more mess.

Removed casing ejection apature and mimiced the Desert Eagle style of ejection mechanism.

Improved rear sight and created speed holster.

Refined fin grips used for cocking the weapon.

I’ll finish the holster today and if possible will do a render of the gun with a character.

Thanks for the feedback, any more for the new designs.


if the ejection mechanism is back like that, there wouldnt be any bullets in it correct?

badass model though

True mate, it’s for display purposes only. :smiley:


The rear sight looks good now, and I like this ejection method much better than your last one. I thought of another detail though; is there a trigger safety? I can’t see an obvious one.

if the ejection mechanism is back like that, there wouldnt be any bullets in it correct?

The round could be jammed and holding the slide open :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s not really at the right angle though.

edit: Oh, is the silver material supposed to be metal or plastic? The specularity sort of makes me think metal but the reflectivity is closer to plastic.

Real nice. I enjoy the Desert Eagle styling, and it fits with the more modern gun look. The gun sight looks great, and the gun as a whole seems to have been morphed into a more functionality-based form.

However, the slide distance is absurd. It’s hard to get a good idea from the side angle, but the throw on the slide seems to be about twice the handle. Maybe end the black sloping part further back, so the slide doesn’t have to travel as far to clear it.

Sorry if I seem critical or uncaring about your design. I love the look, love the idea, and I’d like to help make it as plausible as possible (well, as plausible as a small, hollow-point machine pistol is in this world. What kinda sick company would make that?)