USS Cumberland vs CSS Virginia

Thanks for sharing the picture. It is looking pretty good.

I would suggest reworking the curves along the bow and stern a little. Your ship has angular shapes. The monitor was smoother and pointy.

:slight_smile: Your welcome. Still really like yours. Thanks for the advice also, I shall do that. Just need to do smoke next.


Not trying to clutter up Mark06GT’s thread, but here is a render of my Tecumseh model (a Canonicus class, later model monitor). The wake and smoke were comped in photoshop.


Not bad there! You got the smoke a lot better than me! Looks quit good. Maybe you need some bump on those textures or something though.

Looks pretty good! The detailing on the life boats is nice and the smoke turned out well. Have you tried the new smoke simulation in 2.82? It’s pretty good.

My suggestions (if you want them) would be to add some bump, roughness and weathering on the ship (rivets, rust, paint bump, soot around the smoke stack, etc.). Don’t forget to add a wavy/irregular gloss along the water line where the water keeps the ship wet and shiny.

The wind on the flag seems to be more than the wind affecting the smoke. Maybe it is just the camera angle. One of the advantages of doing the smoke in blender is that other objects (like flags) react to the same forces (i.e. wind).

The smoke looks pretty good, but if you wanted to have some more fun with it, you could try adding some sparks.

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Thank you! I’m re-texuring her Painter and working on learning the smoke and cloth sims for the flag and smoke.

Ran across this video of the history of the Virginia vs Monitor. It mentions the encounter with the Cumberland also.

Thanks for sharing that. I had not seen that one before.

I wish I had seen it. It had some pictures and information that would have been useful when making my models.