USS Discovery

Model of the USS Discovery from Star Trek Discovery TV series.

Entirely in Blender, with Inkscape to create some of the textures. Rendered in EEVEE.

I have to admit, I didn’t like this ship design when it was first released. I think that it caught a lot of flack from Star Trek fans for being the most ugly ship in recent years. In honesty, I’m still not sure if I like it, but it’s kind of grown on me over the course of modelling it. It looks pretty cool as long as it’s from the right angle…

By the way, those comments are purely on the ship design - I won’t get into my views on the series itself…! :grinning:


That’s really good. I’m no fan of the design, but this is an excellent rendition of it.

To be fair the trailer they released was pretty ugly, in the show it looks much better. And the spore drive animation is super cool.

Your execution is very good. Personally I like the design of the ship, its suppose to represent a highly experimental ship and it also has an 80s look in it which I like. The show on the other hand is a mixed bag, some cool ideas but lacks the depth required for a Star Trek series. Of course far from my favorite design which is USS Voyager but I am glad you went for this one because Voyager has been done many times.

I think your texture could have been a bit more detailed.

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Ignoring the show, the ship is indeed a unique design. IT looks to be heavily based on one of the concept arts for the Phase II start trek.

To me the spinning sections. that … well nope… don’t like.

Still as you stated from certain angles it looks good.

Thanks! And yeah, I can’t decide on the design. I hated it when I first saw it. Now… I kind of like it.

Yeah the design they used for the pre-launch trailers was terrible. The version you see in the show (and in my render) is much more attractive. I personally think it’s just a bit jarring to go from the super modern look of something like the Enterprise E and Voyager - to this far more angular design. But that fits with the timeline that it’s supposed to be in.

I’m really happy with how the textures came out, actually - but noted!

Yeah it was based on the concept for TOS I think.

Putting aside the question of “why the hell would it need to do that anyway?”, the thing that really bugs me about the spinning is that it’s not a mechanical thing like the whole saucer rotating. It’s just the top and bottom surface or (if you have any experience of 3D) the textures of the saucer spinning.

When I see it on screen all I can imagine is an empty at the center of the saucer spinning around to rotate the UV coordinates…

Really? didn’t notice, will have another look. If true, indeed that would be a big “WHY?”

Yep, you can kind of see it in this video.

Watch the windows… the saucer itself doesn’t move. It’s just the top and bottom surface which I just find… bizarre.

Excellent work, wow!

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