USS Enterprise - NCC 1701 BRIDGE (Prime Universe)

(menace82) #1

Hello there! I’ve been making the bridge of the USS Enterprise, on par with USS Enterprise - NCC 1701 (Prime Universe). Everything is rendered on EEVEE (96 samples) and it is a WIP.

(alf0) #2

thats looks nice, still missting the moneters and the controlers !!!

(Roken) #3

Keep at it. Looks like a good start.

(menace82) #4

Bridge layout - DONE
Starting adding details…

(menace82) #5

U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Plaque

(menace82) #6

Detailing bridge entrance and adding wall panels/grids. Creating a more consistent style of lighting.

(menace82) #7

Updated, sleeker retrofuture stations, uv unwrapped screens, lower light (it’s a ship’s bridge, not an apple store, for gene’s sake…)

(Ranz2360) #8

WHOA!, that’s magnificent, I’ll admit though the Chairs seem a bit odd to me but I think that they may have built their own chairs if they had the production values that today’s shows have. I’d love to learn the techniques you used for building and texturing this set because I’m planning my own redesign of the TOS bridge.

(menace82) #9