USS Enterprise - NCC 1701 (Prime Universe)

(menace82) #61

Blender 2.80 - EEVEE Test animation. There are some rendering issues but it went surprisingly well!
Post processing with After Effects

(Ranz2360) #62

This model is spectacular, I can only wish to make one of such sophistication. Is there any chance you could do a few video tutorials, I’m trying to model my own ship and would like to learn some of the techniques you used here.

(Egan T Guenthers) #63

awesome work!

(bryguy23) #64

This looks awesome makes me want to dust off blender and give a different ship a go.

(menace82) #65

Hello there! This project is still alive! I’m trying to “eeveefy” it! All images rendered with EEVEE (64 samples).

USS Enterprise - NCC 1701 BRIDGE (Prime Universe)
(Giom) #66

I was about to ask the question - eevee or not. Glad to see you’re using it now.

I’ll be following!

(Mark06GT) #67

Nicely done. I particularly like what you’ve done with the lights on the engine nacelles.

(FlyingBanana) #68

@menace82 I really like that second to last rendering. Looks like an angle that would be shot in the movie. Are you planning on selling this model when you are finished with this project? Or are you just doing this for a personal project?

(menace82) #69

I’m making this model for a personal project but I’m planning to freely release this one and all related model, under CC license… :wink:

(Daniel) #70

I must say, I’m impressed with your version of the Star Trek Enterprise spaceship.

The modeling is really awesome, something I can’t even do with how much detail you put into it.

Although I haven’t seen Star Trek, I must say your model of the Enterprise is more spectacular than the original version of the spaceship.

Keep up the good work.

(menace82) #71

Going back to the designer’s room! Remaking the whole body of the USS Enterprise, because last night i watched (again) some TOS episodes, and i noticed that my model was looking like a fat duck compared to the sleekness of the original Enterprise. So… These are the new, redesigned nacelles!

(NurbNerd) #72

Wow, your model and renders are just amazing! I’ve been watching TOS for the past three years on the same day of the year that the original series episode aired on TV 50 years ago (geek I know). I’m in season 3 now. Your model looks better than the model they created for TOS remastered.

I’m also modeling the Enterprise and your model is inspiring me so much.

What render engine are you using for these renders and how do you have your lighting setup? HDRI?

Keep up the amazing work. Can’t wait to see this progress.

(menace82) #73

EEVEE and my lighting setup has just 1 light (sun).

(menace82) #74

Some workbench renders of the redesigned nacelles and the redesigned pylons