USS Excalibur (now with the .blend file, see page 3!)

This is what came out of my latest project (Link to the WIP-thread)

Rendered with Blender internal, post-pro and all other 2D stuff made in GIMP

EDIT I: Second picture (different angle, different background setting)

EDIT II: I released the model (see p.3). Here’s the link: (zipped .blend file, 3.5mb)

EDIT III: My old website was shut down some time ago. That’s why the above link to the .blend of the Excalibur isn’t working any longer. I’ll try to find a new place to put the file on


Looks great, except texture doesn’t look tecky or detailed enough, but everything else is top notch.


Now i can wait for a similar shot of underneath. :wink:

Been following this in the WIPs since the start although i never posted for some reason. Looks beautiful 5*. Im with ANIMAL i cant wait to see the underneath.

5 starred as well :slight_smile: So when do we get to watch a fight scene between all the ships you made eh? :wink:

lol, i bet you if he did that he would be posted on a cg talk newsletter.
You should try though, if you have that of a beast of a machine.

Dude this is the best stylized space scene I’ve ever seen done in blender. It would be a
shame if a scene like this doesn’t get animated. Still, you get five stars from me.

PS: My crystal ball tells me that this image will be in the gallery in no time :wink:

Looks GREAT!!! I give 5 stars :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
but the texteures are like TTTHE ANIMAL said :(:spin::D:spin::cool:

ooooooooooooooooo…shiny =D

Simply fantastic work PTKS, Five stars from me, Acer.

:confused:i´m suprised this isn´t in the forum gallery yet:yes:

Great work PTKS. I like the background, I’ll have to try that tutorial you posted in the other thread.

Great work and true to the Trek spirit. 5* from me.

great lighting. not to mention the awsome modeling. something to be disired in the texture though…

great work!

Very nice! Love the model, and the lighting is excellent!

Great stuff, keep it up.

Very good.

I don’t think that this is going to happen. I’m not really in that whole animation thing. Plus my computer is coming to its limit when working with my models

@all: Thanks for the comments so far. I know about that texture “problem”. It really is the weakest thing in this picture.

Just curious, what are your comp’s specs? if it isnt too indiscrete.

Here are the specs:

  • CPU: AMD Athlon (Thoroughbred) 1800+
  • Memory: 1024 mb
  • GPU: ATI Radeon 9600

And I run WinXP (service pack 2) on it.

Anything else you need to know…I’m not exactly a specialist with such things.

No thats all I needed to know. But I understand your pain, I used to have a P4 3Ghz & 1Gb of ram, and now I have a Quad-core 2,4Ghz & 2Gb of ram. suffice it to say I set the record for mpan’s benchmark file, I’m still waiting to be taken out of my throne :smiley:

You’re probably the only one with a quad core lol. :evilgrin:

EDIT: Wow, this is worthy of sci fi meshes man!! Awesome job. :slight_smile: