USS missouri

Render of Iowa class battleship USS Missouri firing a broadside.

Ocean was made using the ocean modifier with dynamic paint.
Explosions were simulated inside blender.
Fire/smoke material was set up according to this answer - - with minor tweaks.

Everything is created to scale(1 blender unit = 1 meter).
There are ~1600+ objects in total(including linked duplicates which were heavily utilized) and around 20M polygons.

References were obtained from the following sites: - drawing and details about the armament - photographs and details about the armament and various auxiliary systems - general ship plans, armament layout etc… - Photographs. lots of them…

Clay renders were made using the Clay Render addon.


Really great result. I can’t even comprehend the amount of time that must have gone into this!

Excellent job on a really big project. My grandfather was a naval architect for the Iowa class ships. He would have been very excited to see this model. Well done.

Simply a fantastic bit of historically-correct modeling. It could very easily be turned (hint, hint …) into a short documentary illustrating the history of this mighty warship – perhaps including her role in the signing of the Japanese surrender?

Yes, the battleships were rendered obsolete by the coming of the aircraft carrier, but in the era of naval artillery, they ruled the seas.