USS Novus---My Ship :)---Action Shot

Ok, I’m posting my ship. I did this once but I just had a flare-like sun behind it, and you couldn’t see too much. But here it is… in the full monty!!

After I completely redid the nacells(the parts on the side with the blue things), I worked on the bridge, windows, phaser arrays, torpedoe launchers, and the mess hall(the spot below the bridge with the lights on the hull). Oh, and yes… the mess hall is cut in… so it has a more realistic look.

As you can see the escape pods need work.(The gold like things below the windows. Plus I might be able to work out the hull texture a wee bit.

and don’t tell me to give the nacelles a glow to them. I will hunt u down and gut ya!!

But :stuck_out_tongue: oh wellz

Gimme all yer constructive, deconstructive, and semi-constructive crits. This is my ship, and I want it as good as my pathetic skillz can get it!! LoL


Gimme all yer constructive, deconstructive, and semi-constructive crits.

Globally, it rocks :slight_smile:

I don’t like the two bluish ligths on the flanks because they seem applied over the metal hull. I would have liked them if, like red lfront (?) lights you would have made a more finely modeled joint.


Very nice! Great design and modelling. Texturing and lighting are excellent as well.

I do however, agree with Stefano, (I’m saying this a lot lately :stuck_out_tongue: ), about the nacells. They should have a more definite design rather than being part of the main ship.

Keep up the great work.


DANGIT!!! that was on of the main reasons I re-did the nacelles… and I completely forgot bout it LoL
I’ll get that done right away.

oh wow i saw a vaccum cleaner on qvc that looked a lot like that! it’s one of those robo vaccum cleaners
maybe not as flashsy as yours though

I love it.

Some questions:

  1. How big is she?
  2. What are her min/max crew/cargo/passenger limitations?
  3. How’s the handling/control/speed?

Keep it up!


LoL kbitz, I’m guessing you know yer stuff :smiley:

I’ll get that info to you as soon as I boot up my old computer. I have all that info, just can’t remember a bloody thing!! LoL

Anyhoo, here’s a quick action shot! I couldn’t remember how big Klingon D7’s were and never got on the net to check it, so they’re prolly a touch too big, or too small. I don’t know. Prolly too small.

I couldn’t get the phasers right, but I didn’t want to do any of it outside Blender, so if anyone has any suggestions as to making the beams a bit smaller, I’d greatly appreciate it.
They’re a bunch of halo’s on a line.
The shield on the Klingon ship isn’t the greatest either, but it’s the best I could do while keeping it all in Blender.
Plus I think I put one too many torpedoes from that other Klingong ship in the picture LoL
Also the explosion seems a touch too big.
…dangit, I should just quit Blending if I can’t learn to enjoy my stuff how it is!!! LMAO!!

Klingon D7 created by Eric Peterson and converted to Blender by Rashid Al-Marri

The whole thing look cool.

Somet things you could do:
-Try adding a lamp with a yellow/orange color in the middle of the explosion so it will light up the ships around like a real explosion would do.
-For the phaser, just reduce the Halo Size to make it smaller…and boost up the add slider, it will look better :wink:
-I would remove the multiple flare that apear at the left…they look a bit out of place
-And from what I remember from the star trek seri…the D7 is bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up it look great!

(PS: I’ll make a screen shot of an halo material you could use for the phaser)

ok here it is:

I think it look like a phaser…and sure you can tweak it more…

[edit]just made a quick scene using some models I downloaded a while ago…
I used the same technic as I told you for the phaser[/edit]

the first group of pics were too dark. I could dimly see the outline of the hull, and see the glows very well.
the action shot was a little better lit, but still could use work. For the explosion, try using a particle system. it looks cool! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what “stuff” I’m supposedly know, but thanks, I guess. :slight_smile:

I take it that since you aren’t sure you got the size right on the D7 I’m not supposed to use it to gauge size.

I really love your ship, and seeing it toast the bad guys is cool too. If you’re planning on animating it, I’m hoping you’ll post the animation so we can all tag along for a digital ride on the Novus.

I love it…Keep it up!


looking sweet, I was going to say a bit dark and hard to see the ship outlines, but then I turned my monitor brightness up :slight_smile: and wow!!
so who knows, maybe time for me to check my monitor setting :slight_smile:
For the yellow explosion amybe try use 2 or 3 emitors with different settings to create a less uniform explosion slightly different colours and lifes/speeds etc. or just add more of a cloud texture?
and all the stuff X and said, just tweaking really, nice work.

kbitz, I said that cause it seemed like u might be a trekkie. I rarely get asked all that stuff by ppl who aren’t trekkies. LoL

Too dark eh? oi, that’s it… laptop monitor acting cwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaazy on me. i should prolly plug-in my desktop monitor and see what’s up.

gr8redshark—those are particles, with cloud texture :stuck_out_tongue: LoL
besides, i’m going to add a dark green to the explosion ti give it that alien like look.

thnx zenitor and x, I just changed the image to the new one. I didn’t do much to the explosion, just added some shrap. but I resized everything to bigger so I could get a smaller phaser beam.

But when I resized I had to work on the shield in PSP. For some reason the edges were really, really rough, But it all looks good now.

I also added that glow to my engines. :smiley:

And yes, I am planning on animating it. Though the main thing I’m trying to figure is getting the pahser beam to “shoot out” while looking good. right now when I do it, it looks fat and more condensed, then stretches out. LoL

13 decks
**I’m not sure, but I think I figured out the size in feet. The math kind of adds up to it.

That’s all the info I could find on my other comp… it too cluttered with junk LOL

very cool, I like the lazers, and nice ship modeling-