Yeah, I know. I’m a real NUT…lol. Ok, this is my first attempt at using particles. I know you Guru’s out there are really gonna let me have it. I am bent over and ready for my punishment. (Talking about a paddling you sickos…lol)
Just something I threw together for the Commanding Officer for a CFS group I was in for 3-1/2 yrs. I gave them (ACP) the copyright in case they wanted to post it on the web site.
I really was wanting a smaller wave, but for the life of me could not find that happy medium. One thing is for sure, we only get better, right?
Thanks all.


nice model and details. maybe try to lower the specularity a bit becouse now it looks a bit like plastic . the particles are good but the water looks strange

Nice job! You might be interested in some of Cog’s tutorials ( ) for the water and smoke… Also, the lighting could use a little tweaking to see the details of your model better.

The model itself is pretty good but a few places look like plastic. The lighting isn’t good and it’s a little dim. I love how the sun is casting a slighly orange tint on the “47” on the front, it’s just a little thing that I think works well. The sky is some nasty colors and the water has huge ripples that are too close together, and besides that the water abruptly ends not far behind the ship. The ocean doesn’t have ripples like that, it has constant waves. I’d look around on the forums for examples of other people who have done ocean to see how it looks and maybe find techique suggestions. You might also be able to find a good tutorial.