After a long time of delays, and with life stressing me too much, I fianlly started on a dinosaur, and I thought, why not do an utahraptor?

Only done the head and neck, without teeth.

Any comments welcomed, I guess.

Hmmm, I think the lower jaw is too long; it looks like a herbivore, or some type of wussy, left out predator, who can’t get any girl dinosaurs :smiley: . Did you by any chance see my dinosaur? http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27227

Looks good for a start. Good luck. Keep those edge loops going strong! It’s definitely hard too make detail on a dinosaur, in my opinion.

Are you going for a mean look? If so add a scowl to the face. Make the eyes narrower and make the ridge above the eye very menacing shaped.

Do you have references? Are they skeletal or artist interpretation? If they are skeletal then you need to remember that the cavities you see in the skull of the skeleton were most likely filled with sense organs.

It looks good so far. I think you just need to define a direction and go for it.

Hey, Sparrow, I__ like your dinosaur (utah-raptor).
I am guessing you know a bit about dinosaurs and I think you’re taking this in the right direction. Don’t try to make it look beefy like a mammal would look (rhino, cow, etc). A large portion of my uncle’s job (paleontology) is finding out which living animals are most similar to dinosaurs, and he says that birds are the closest match. I think the bony-ness suits this guy.
One thing I notice is that some of the modeling looks boxy, mostly the neck. It looks like it was just extruded, since it follows the contours of the place where it meets the head. try to give it its own bone and muscle structure.
Other than that, I think it is quite good… keep going! 8)

Thanks for the suggestions.

To some questions:
fitchmicah: I did actually see your dinosaur. It was really good, especially the texturing. How do you use ORCO mapping to texture your dinosuar?

MusicMan: I am using several references, mostly of the skeleton. There was too many artists impressions that I thought I’d just base it on the skeleton.

Here’s an update. I added teeth and tweaked the neck a bit. Not really thinking of adding the body in the next few days:

how can u coment on something u have never seen in reality only in games and books ;). i like it.

Took a very long time and a lot of breaks to do this. Remodelled the head so the teeth and eye is missing. Details, remember. Just details…



Detail and modeling look real good right now, keep it up.

It’s going good. You’ve done a decent job at detailing the muscles. The title says “Finished.” Don’t tell me you’re done! :frowning: I want to see it textured and lighted. :wink: