Utawarerumono character model: Touka

I enjoyed playing Utawarerumono and found Touka to be one of my favourite characters.
I hope to be able to make an accurate rendition of the character in 3D and decided to join Blender Artists to perhaps receive some pointers and critique to help improve my model and skill.

What I have so far is this.

(More images next post)
I hope to at least model a bust of the character.

Hmm. Think you have to finish more on the head section.

Never settle to one picture. You will need a lot of reference pictures.

Well, this is a work in progress after all.

Of course, I have a number of images to reference from, mostly from the anime adaption.

Here’s the wiremesh of the face, I joined to see if there should be anything I should know before attempting to connect it to the rest of the model.

The forehead needs to be more rounded. Are you planning on animating it?

I did plan on trying to animate it.

I’m also considering switching to texture eyes. The 3D eyes are proving kind of difficult.

Well, it’s not that difficult to pull off dealing with 3d Anime Eye Socket structure. Now I’m not an expert, but, there is a way to get the eyes corrected and fix the topology of the eyes and eyebrows at the same time. If you look up the Blenderella tutorial on the eyes, on youtube, (Don’t ask me why is it there. I didn’t post it.) you can get the tips that you need to get it right.

If you want to give it a try of course.