Utility Female Cyborg

I need help on what to do next on this model (the body), for i have reached this point and have no idea on how to put more detail, or exactly what to do next, to make this model more interesting.
For now, i am only working on the body, and will leave the head for later.

Accepting sugestions :confused:

Looks pretty good so far, maybe some more color?

Awesome work but i think upper arms are too short. Maybe some muscles imitating shape.

i will check the arm’s length, and about the colors, i dont know exactly how to go about it, i nevert thought that such a simple process would be so complicated, since just colorgrading the parts are not making the model much more interesting

here are 2 more images, and this time have thrown s Hex-like normal map on the tissue looking part on the lower body

i will now go and work on the arm’s length and muscles shapes, and play a little more with the colors, to see if it gets any more interesting

Just took a quick glance at this thread since I like cyborgs. First, I’d say the upper arms are too short, my elbow is about at the bottom of my rib cage. In your first pics, the elbow is much higher than that.

Yea muscle shapes might help, but on the whole, I think you need to decide what is human, and what is machine. Is only the head and the stomach area human, and the rest a machine? By definition, a cyborg is a human being that is augmented with mechanical parts. So you could make one shoulder/upper arm human, then lower arm & hand machine, for example. Switch it up a bit. Maybe make a hand a human one. I’ve often thought about modelling a female cyborg, and I know how I would do it… I’d model a female human. then just start cutting her body up and replacing it with mechanical parts.

As to mixing it up color wise, think of the mechanical parts as being made up of many different parts. Right now, as I type, I’m seeing the bottom of the last image you posted. I’m looking at the right arm, I see seams in the upper arm covering, I see what look like wires on the inside of the elbow area. I’d color those in black or color each wire a separate color scheme. I’d make the seams in the upper arm covering just a little bit wider, and make it black or dark color. Same thing with the joint between the hand and lower arm, that part isn’t the same material as the outerbody covering is, so it shouldn’t be the same color.

Try adding in skin color the to skin parts, then work form there, and hair color too. Then proceed, what color the body would look nice with the skin color, what color the smaller bits to contrast with the body. Think about her use as well… Utility female cyborg… so what does she do? Clean the house? A maid/house keeper? Might want to think maid/butler sort of color/style.

Just tossing out thoughts…


You touched on a important thing, wich is the tipe of organism it is, if you havent mentioned the “cyborg” definition, i wouldnt even have realised it, thanks!
As i have researched here, the right definition, would be an ANDROID and not a CYBORG, since the idea is to actualy make a complete robot, that mimics a human.
As to your other inquiries, i will work on those ideas as well, and see how it turns out!
And btw,i have already changed the arm’s length (will be posting soon, you you guys can see)

oh, and as for the purpose, its a multipurpose android, targeted for a wide range of tasks, such as public services, house keeping, presentations, and even combat (the latter actualy offering some more options, since there is more stress involved)

The right one, being the “short armed” version, damn, when we get to be looking at the same model for too much time, the glaring mistakes do disappear :o
the problem that popped now is the deforming, but i will leave this detail for later

I redesigned it completely, i resolved on taking the slimmer design approach (thanks btw :D), and it looks a lot better… i will keep refining it, but i believe its quite good already