Utility for making tutorials

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I recall someone posting “animatED” tutorials on the Blender site using a utility that would record & play back screen activity. Anyone know what I’m talking about and can point me in the right direction? I’d like to prepare some tutorials of this type & like to use that utility or one like it, preferably that could play back on multiple platforms (or atleast mac & PC).

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Thats very cool. Only thing, its $800. Is there anything cheaper?

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Hello!!! :smiley:

kevin3d, I think they have a free version there…

Only the pro version costs $800.



(Goofster) #5

or you can use “Camtasia”

it’s not free tho


(kevin3d) #6

the free version comes with a water mark, etc. But its great for a demo & I can use it to try & get the $$ from boss. Better yet, its a nice small swf file.