Hi everyone !

At school I was asked to make an artwork about “Exile”. The teacher let us free to decide which form it would take, and I chose to make a sculpture in Blender.

Here is my image :

It expresses at the same time my will to stay in my region, to stay close to my roots (the digging can mean a way to stay, to build groundwork), and my will to go very far, on the other side of the world : Australia.
The difference between the old style of the sculpture, and the jackhammer reinforces the idea of confusion in my mind about what I want to do.
That was for the explanation…

There are a lot of things to change : I am quite satisfied with the light, but I would like to add volumetric effects. I still have to work on the textures (which are all the same). I also need to slightly change the pose of the guy who seems to be lifiting the jackhammer instead of digging…

But I you have any idea of what I could add/delete/change/do in general, it would be cool. I’m also searching for tips and “how to make things”.

Any comment will be appreciated anyway.

Thanks for having read me (must have been quite difficult).

Hi, at this point i just want to comment on your
artwork, not your idea, that is fine and believable.

The first thing that looks strange is his position as you already mentioned.
A real hard working man will not not stand that symetrical and straight. I think
the Character(or you) should lean into the jackhammer. Always keep in mind
the thing should symbolize a struggle against your own forces, a back and forth
in your mind.

A further thing is that the jackhammer is too sterile, it has to look more martial
i think. It is an old instrument ( a tool to fulfill your dreams or to tear them down )

Too the modelling part, i think the stone should be less edgy. Try to bring some signs
of it’s age in there.

Overall you shall really work on the textures, to bring them to life, but don’t get me
wrong i really like your work so far. It has a basic plot and i hope to see progress on it.
I’ll keep an eye on it. :yes:

Thanks for your comment, I tried to improve my model, but I couldn’t do anything for the textures …

If any of you has a tutorial for making realistic brick walls (but not simply flat, as you can see), please help me.
I haven’t got much more time to finish it, but I will maybe try to add a hole beyond the jackhammer, try to improve textures and lightening (a very hard thing).

Please do not hesitate to post a comment …

the only way i could think of is to tessellate the face. Or cut it into small squares then extruding. Once you do this bevel edges and move some extruded verts around so the bricks do not looks so perfect.
This is the only way i can think of.

I have finally abandoned the idea of making a better wall (after hours of unsuccesful work) so this image may be the final version of my project.
If anyone has something to say, it’d better be now, thursday will be too late …

I’m not completely satisfied with it but I don’t have much more time …

Thanks for viewing it !