uv 1 to 1 ratio on multiple objects


What’s the best way to make sure UV unwrapping has a 1 to 1 ratio when using multiple objects? Up until now I usually use a checker texture and scale the uv’s up by eye but this is time consuming and doesn’t always match. Is there an easy way?

I’ve heard things about texture atlas, but I always thought that was for using 1 big texture and not multiple.

I don’t know if it’s ideal, but when I need things to work like that, I usually join them all into a single object to unwrap them together, apply an appropriate scale to the whole thing (like if I’m going to be using 4 textures, s 4 enter), then separate the objects and place each object’s islands into UV bounds.

When doing something like polygonal hair, where I want it to have well organized quads for anisotropy or detail normal mapping, I’ll start with a lightmap project on the entire object to get uniform scale and then follow active quads on separate strands.

Note that in a lot of material workflows, the remapping process is unnecessary; there’s rarely a difference between using a single 4096^2 texture and using 4 2048^2 textures. The former can be preferable (fewer draw calls in something like Unity, less wasted space from islands) but some apps or maybe cards bug out on really big textures.


It’s not for a game or anything, it’s for an animation and will be using multiple 4k texture maps, probably around 8 - 10 4k texture maps and then their corresponding details maps etc. That’s why i was wondering if there’s a faster way to do the lot.

UV Equalize: