UV 2.80 beta

(Roken) #1

Hitting a problem I can’t explain, & dunno if it’s a bug. Using 2.80 beta (latest download was yesterday), I UV Unwrap and apply a texture (doesn’t matter whether it’s a procedural or an image), and I get a solid colour in the viewport in object mode, and on render. However, in edit mode with texture’s viewed it shows just fine.

I can, randomly, get the texture to show by changing the co-ordinates to something other than UV (e.g. object) and/or changing the projection (flat to box, for example), but I’m either doing something wrong, or there’s a bug.

Oddly (and relevant) this is adding to a scene created in 2.78, worked on through 2.79, and UVs in the original objects work just fine. It’s only new objects that are a problem.

Could this be a memory issue (16GB DDR4 on my rig and 6GB on the GPU)