UV and armature problem

In blender 2.53 beta. I am trying to create an asphalt texture using one texture as a color map, and one as a normal map. The textures rely on two different uv layers. When I activate the normal map texture, the point light that is shining onto the plane points in a random direction, and I am left with half of the plane with a colored surface, and half of it with a black and white spotted area. Any ideas how to fix this?

On another note, I have an armature with a walk-cycle applied to the character’s mesh, but in the game engine, the mesh is deformed in a different way than it is when it is rendered.


Starman.blend (610 KB)

  1. Could you post the blend? It is hard to take a guess at. Are you using GLSL? The spotted area might be caused by two faces right on top one-another.
  2. Maybe there is modifier that should be applied. Need an example pict for better a better diagnostics.

Okay, I attached the file.

I played around with the file and I can’t seem to get the animation to look the same as it does in the 3d view. It seems to be a bug. Sorry. :frowning: I will keep experimenting and PM you if I find a solution.
As for the textures I only see one texture and that was not packed but I could easily use a substitute. If you are using GLSL or Multitexture rendering then make sure that textures mapping coordinates are set to the proper UV layer in the texture panel. Not just in the UV editor. In fact is does not matter what layer the texture is on in the UV Editor, if you are using a material. It only matters what it is set to in the texture panel.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

That did help! Thank you very much!