UV and VertColours mutually exclusive?

(mmelo) #1


I’ve been updating an export script I wrote eons ago and came across the following problem. If I use the following code (on 2.25)

    obj         = Blender.Object.GetSelected()[0]
    hasCol      = obj.getData().has_col
    hasUV       = obj.getData().has_uv

And I’ve got a mesh selected w/ vertex colours (but no tex) hasCol is TRUE and hasUV is FALSE, as it should.

As soon as I enter face mode and map uv coords hasUV becomes TRUE as it should, but from then on hasCol becomes forver FALSE, even though the mesha has both colours and uv!!

Anyone knows how to get around this? Or am I using deprecated fields that are no longer in use? (I do remember this being a problem on older versions too, so it’s not exclusive to 2.25)



(mmelo) #2

Soooo… this thread has lots of views but no answers yet. :smiley:
Does this mean that no one knows of a workaround or is it just me that has come across the problem?


(bmax) #3

probably. i dont. :frowning:

(yann) #4

I came across it, thought it weird, and decided to look it up when I got access to the source. As with the many pickerbuttons in the 3d window header being off by one.