UV Anim Py Script Request.

I thaught that a PY anim script that rotated uv cords around
a central or selected position on the texture map would be
very usefull in lots of circumstances.

Does anyone know of, or has anyone writen a script to do
this. I would think its possable as you can allready rotate
in 90degree steps in the 3d window. If you could set the
rotation steps and speed it would be even better.

As my scripting ability ends in syntax error I woundered
if anyone could help.


Many thanks if this is possable.

yes, there’s a script that does this. it’s called ‘UV scroller’ or ‘texture scroller’ by pepius.

Im sorry, if you missunderstood me. I have
the exelent script by pepius, but where that
script scrolls the textures past I was hoping
there might be a way to rotate the UV cords,
like a wind mill.
Im on the WC at the moment, when I have time
in the next day or so I will post a blend so you
can see what Im getting at.


Here you go:

You can choose rotation point, speed, whateva you like. Be advised not to overuse it as it’s probably pretty slow (sines, and cosines and squareroots, oh my! Not to mention cycling through a bunch of vertexes every frame from python)

Thanks saluk thats spot on. Exactly what I
meant. Tried stressing it and couldent phase it.
I will give it more of test later.