UV animation for particles via nodes doesn't work in render (Blend included)

Hi, I’m trying to create an animated particle system in Blender using a spritesheet. I found a post about setting this up in Cycles, so I decided to try it for myself in the internal renderer (2.79).

The preview particles have the desired animation in material view, but the fully rendered particles only show the first frame of the animation, meaning the UVs aren’t getting updated by the nodes in the renders. I’ve uploaded the .blend file showing this problem.

I’ve tried importing my project into 2.83 and doing the same technique with Eevee, but still have the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For Internal you’d do this will billboard particles. That is explained by the poster in your linked thread. I don’t think the Internal renderer supported the particle info node, so the Cycles setup won’t work.
The same is true of Eevee, it doesn’t support the particle info node and so won’t animate.

I can’t find any documentation or explanation of how to use internal animated billboard particles. All my attempts to use it have failed, and I don’t even know if that’s because this feature isn’t working correctly either.

It seems arbitrary that the Particle Info node wouldn’t work for internal renders, especially when the manual doesn’t mention anything about it and the preview works just fine. Would that not be considered a bug?

Here’s the documentation on billboard particles

As for the particle node, it doesn’t need to mention incompatibility because it’s specifically a Cycles node.

Actually, Particle Info is NOT a specifically cycles node.

Thanks for sharing the animated billboard particle link. But, now that I know how it works, it just seems to be made completely obsolete by a Particle Info node (if only it worked). It’s a bummer that this feature got seemingly forgotten about by the dev team.

In 2.8x it is. In the 2.8x manual, it is listed under Shader Nodes but with the hint “Cycles only”.

Would be great to have it for Eevee, though. I’m sure the developers haven’t forgotten about it, they do what they can.

If you’re familiar with animation nodes, you might get the particle info from there. It’s a bit tricky to pass it to the material, but it should be possible.

I had a look at your blend, works for me in 2.79b with some changes.

In your material for the plane there’s a Combine XYZ node, which isn’t in Blender 2.79b and doesn’t do anything. You would need to use the Combine RGB node.

I made a new material Explosion-2 for the plane and also deleted the explosion material on the emitter sphere.

Here, have a look, works for me in render:
sprite-preview-animation-2.blend (663.1 KB)

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Thanks for the help, Sanne! I never would have suspected the Combine XYZ node as the culprit. Simply replacing it with a Combine RGB node did the trick for me.

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Great, happy it works for you also. :slight_smile: