UV animation in Action Editor

Okay, so I’m trying to create a game that utilizes flat 2d sprites on 3d backgrounds. It’s in the style of Doom or Castle Wolfenstein where the enemies are always facing the camera.

Using Anim-All (I think that’s the plugin name), I’ve managed to animate the sprites, each one placed on an invisible 3d plane, and they work perfectly in the timeline but when I start the game it does nothing.

I know that I can use logic bricks to tell it to play a specific action, but when I try to create a new action using the UV animation, it tells me there is no F-curve to paste into. This makes sense because the Plane isn’t actually moving anywhere in 3d space, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to make seperate animations for the UV. (I would rather not have to use coding if I can help it.)

Hoping there’s a plugin or something… :no:

I don’t think you should be creating actions by yourself - here’s a tutorial:

According to this, the AnimAll plugin can be the one updating the frames on the timeline.