Uv animation

Could someone explain to me how to use Uv animation? I would like to create animated water in the game engine?


Animated Textures?
The basic method is:
you create a texture with, let’s say The Gimp, a 256x256 one
With the “rules” divide it in 2 columns and 2 rows, 4 equal squares
Do your texture work, for animated water ? A fast way, find a water texture, make it
tranlucent, put it in a square, copy it, paste in another square, and rotate it, 90º,
and so on, save as TGA or PNG with alpha chanel
Now open it, in Blender’s UV editor, get the “water” UV faces map, and place it above
the left bottom square zone. Important! Animated textures work from bottom left
to top right
Now with 3d cursor in the UV window press N key and enable Anim and Tiles: X:2
and Y:2
Choose the desired speed and make a try, this should work…I hope?


Check out the real time water script. Maybe you can adapt it to meet some of your needs.

Here is a link that works: