UV bump map

Silly question

Can u use UV mapping to apply a bump map (nor or displace)



sure, but not for the GE, and it won’t show in realtime.

go into materials, and add an “image” texture, load the image and under “map input” select UV. Then under “map to” click “nor”


what Im trying to do is model a T-au (40k warhammer) ship and the gun muzzle has ‘groves’ in it. I cant apply it normaly as the muzzle is a elongated sphere with the ‘nose’ cut off. So I figured UV unwrapping it and getting it to match to the shape.


lol its good to see another warhammer fan. I thought i was the only one

While you can uv map a displacement map, I thought I would just mention that blender wont do render time displacement like in other programs, rather it will move the verticies around to suite the map. This means that u will need to sub divide for more detail.